About Us

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At Savana Trading & Consulting Co., research and due diligence are pivotal to our success.  With a solid understanding of the GCC market and unwavering standards of excellence, we ensure our clients’ operational goals and growth plans are aligned with existing and emerging market conditions.

To ensure GCC operations are aligned with stakeholder vision, we create business blueprints to guide us toward preserving corporate DNA while adhering to cultural dynamics within the region.


We are a full service business consultancy bringing value in the following areas:

Identify opportunities and market gaps in various industries including fashion retail, consumer goods, health & nutrition, food & entertainment, fitness & wellness, construction & chemical products and specialty manufacturing.

Conduct high level market research and feasibility studies that allow group to explore and pursue strategic relationships to better position itself in new markets while balancing short term revenue objectives with long term goals.

Provide clear and structured business strategy involving operations, strategic sourcing, procurement and human resource capital management to enable effective implementation with a positive effect on project investment.

Ensure project investments, brand identity, human resources and operational strategy align with corporate strategy and shareholders vision to ensure all parts of the organization work together effectively to achieve a common goal.

Identify and define all business challenges in GCC operations and relay information to both foreign and domestic partners while creating robust, reliable and repeatable solutions.

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Our strategic experience in the GCC market is underscored by our reputation for delivering excellence in the Fashion Retail & Accessories, Chemicals & Adhesives, OEM Distribution, Facilities Management, Health & Nutrition and Food & Beverage Industries.

We work with companies, distributors and suppliers across a global market to provide diversified business advisory, project management and business development services.

  • Research & Discovery
  • Gap Analyses
  • Business Concepts
  • Partnership Strategies
  • Competitor Analyses
  • Brand Development
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Logistics & Operational Facilitation
  • Operational Implementation Strategy
  • Ongoing Management and Advisory Board


Our vision is to deliver innovative new business concepts that are both socially responsible and profitable for shareholders and partners. Savana’s management are dedicated to providing excellence in client services and offering creative approaches, superior advice and execution capabilities, based on in-depth understanding and analysis of the market in the GCC.


Our mission is to facilitate and participate in the formation of alliances between international corporations and business leaders in the GCC. By creating new business opportunities involving joint ventures, strategic alliances, equity partnerships and foreign investments, we help organizations achieve their goals while preserving corporate culture and brand identity.


Client Value Creation, Integrity, Respect and Excellence form our values. By placing our client’s interest ahead of our own, we deliver more than is expected. Integrity and Respect inspire trust and set a model for us to always do the right thing. Finally, by accepting nothing less than Excellence, we attract the best people and offer world class, win-win relationships.