Client Services

Unwavering standards with a solid understanding of emerging market conditions.

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Savana is a consultancy firm that provides evidence-based business advisory programs to assist stakeholders and executives with strategy development and day to day operations.  As an incubator of business ideas and concept creations for a consortium of companies in the GCC, we help fortify our clients’ investment portfolios by working to create sustainable economic growth in the GCC and substantial returns for local stakeholders.

Through our global network of business leaders, investors, stakeholders and Family Offices, we are forging the relationships that help local stakeholders and international businesses find one another.

Once found, those relationships thrive as our advisory roles provide necessary tools to ensure project investments align with corporate strategy and shareholder vision while helping traverse gaps in communication and culture.


With market research and feasibility analysis, companies can develop strategic relationships and positioning based on factors like market place, competition, available technology, human capital and financial resources.

        1. Research & Discovery
        2. Gap Analyses of profitable and socially responsible business concepts.
        3. Business Concepts & Creations
        4. Partnership Strategies
        5. Competitor Analysis
        6. Brand Development
        7. Marketing Strategies
        8. Logistics & Operational Facilitation
        9. Operational Implementation Strategy
        10. Ongoing Management and Advisory Board
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Our Principals enjoy unique opportunities carefully aligned with the development of each private business interest.  Our global network brings years of experience in business advisory for the world’s most prominent industries:

  • Fashion Retail & Accessories
  • Chemicals & Adhesives
  • OEM
  • Facilities Management
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Food & Beverage

Competitive Edge

Our global network of executive business leaders and political contacts gives us a competitive edge not found among other business advisory firms. While there is no question a robust emerging market economy exists in the GCC, bridging the gap from Western to Eastern operations presents challenges some corporations may require assistance to overcome. Our full range of advisory services are distinguished by our reputation for success and our proven ability to help corporate organizations make a seamless entry while maintaining brand identity.

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