Health & Nutrition

The Health & Nutrition industry comprises one area in which Savana Trading & Consulting Co. has embraced as a major area of growth potential as we observe an increased demand for wellness services and nutrition products that meet the dietary needs of people of various ethnic, religious, and lifestyle origins.

Factors affecting this growth include an increasing level of affluence in the general population and increased consumer awareness of nutritional health in areas of organics and protein supplements.  Finally, because food production in the Middle East region is restricted due to its arid climate, the GCC market is heavily reliant on imports to meet these demands.

Fitness Time interior cardio equipment room
Vital Nutrition logo

Vital Nutrition Company is a provider of Sports Supplements, Health & Beauty and Vitamins & Nutrition products in Saudi Arabia.

Nutrishop logo

Nutrishop is a premier retail nutrition chain in the U.S. that now offers cutting edge nutritional supplements to the GCC market.

Kjub Cube Sports logo

Savana Trading Co. holds exclusive rights to Cube Sports, a plug-in training system that meets the needs of fitness studio operators.

Nutrimin logo

Nutrimin® is a supplier of 100% vegan and halal vitamins and nutritional supplements now available at store locations in the GCC.

Almuftah Group logo

Almuftah Group is the owner and operator of AnyTime Fitness, a 24-hour fitness centre chain with locations all over the world.

Squeezy Sports Nutrition logo

Squeezy Sports Nutrition® specializes in athletic energy gels, energy bars and energy drinks  to meet the specific needs of athletes.

Fitness Time logo

Fitness Time is a sports and fitness chain in the Middle East and North Africa that provides mind and body fitness programs.

SciMx Nutrition logo

SCI-MX Nutrition® is a leading provider of premium protein powders, capsules, snack bars and ready-to-drink health shakes.

Pure Sports Nutrition logo

Pure Sports Nutrition provides all-natural, premium sports nutrition products containing no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Food & Beverage

As sales in the food and beverage industry are expected to grow, Savana Trading Co. has become involved with several internationally recognized food and beverage brands. An increasing level of affluence, increased consumer awareness of international foods, more tourism and growing populations of expatriates living in the region are all factors which attribute to this growth.

Couple dining at a restaurant

Pita Pit® is a healthy, quick service restaurant offering fresh ingredients grilled to perfection in fully customizable Pita wraps.

The Raw Chocolate Co. logo

The Raw Chocolate Co. is known for its certified Fairtrade chocolate that is made only using organic, sun-dried cacao.

Shop Savana logo

Shop Savana, a division of Savana Trading Company, is a provider of high quality health food brands for retailers and consumers.

Oh My Spice logo

Oh My Spice provides low-sodium, gluten-free and MSG-free culinary herbs for discerning chefs and home cooks.

Dr Zak's logo

Dr. Zak’s provides functional, high quality fitness foods offering balanced nutrition for active consumers.

Bite Fuel logo

Savana holds distribution rights to Bite Fuel®, a health food company providing functional foods that give back to the body.

Buff Bake logo

Savana holds distribution rights to Buff Bake, a producer of healthy, homestyle baked goods that are packed with protein.

FlapJacked logo

Savana Trading Co. holds the exclusive distribution rights for FlapJacked™ protein pancake mix, a healthy alternative to the traditional pancake.

Fashion Retail

The retail sector in the GCC is expected to grow at CAGR 7.45% during the period 2016-2020, with Saudi Arabia holding the majority of the region’s total retail sales. Diversification in government investments has created a positive shift in demographics, and analysts are expecting a transition to an increasing number of working-age Saudi Arabians by 2030. Increases in oil prices between 2003 and 2013 brought prosperity to Saudi Arabia, and it has since become the world’s 20th largest economy. Tremendous growth across sectors, increasing GDP, household income, rate of employment and increased government investments in health, infrastructure and education are factors that contribute to more demand for retail options by consumers who now have more disposable income.

Woman shopping in a clothing store
Freddy logo

Freddy is a leading provider of professional footwear and apparel for dancers and gymnasts all over the world.

Brums logo

Brums is a children’s clothing retailer with brick and mortar locations across Europe as well as an e-commerce store.

Loft Design By... logo

Loft Design By … is a boutique clothing retailer with locations in Europe as well as an e-commerce store.

Berenice logo

Berenice is a quality clothing retailer with brick and mortar locations in Europe as well as an e-commerce store.

Chemicals & Adhesives

Savana has partnered with some of the world’s leading chemicals and adhesives companies responsible for many of the products we use every day.

Through strategic alliances and its vast network of industry partners, Savana has positioned itself on the forefront of industrial chemicals and adhesives application technology in Saudi Arabia.

Engineer mixing chemicals wearing safety suit
3C Rand Inc. logo

3C RAND produces food packaging coating solutions such as blister packs and milk creamer cartons for consumer goods.

Ardex logo

Ardex is a leader in the building and construction industry and supplier of construction chemicals, paints and adhesives.

ALX Technical logo

Facility Services

Driven by increased demand in various industries (Fashion & Retail, Food & Beverage, Health & Nutrition and Tourism), the Facility Services Industry is growing at a rate never before seen in Saudi Arabia. Tourism, a major driving factor behind the Kingdom’s Construction boom, has brought with it more demand for facilities services such as janitorial, maintenance and hospitality. With this expansion comes higher budget allocations, allowing for new construction activities that further accelerate growth in this area.

Variety of service personel
TBM Service Group logo

TBM offers expertise in a wide variety of cleaning services including janitorial, transit and disinfection.


Green Clean provides effective green cleaning programs, education and training for the Facility Services Industry.

OEM & Distribution

Savana Trading Co. partners include those in the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) and Distribution Industry. Serving as both advisor and networking partner, Savana has helped facilitate growth for its partners in OEM and provided invaluable Distribution Industry knowledge for partners expanding into Saudi Arabia.

Why OEM?

GCC economies rely on oil as the main source of export and fiscal revenues. Over the years, GCC governments have increased public sector employment and spending on infrastructure, health and education. This has helped raise standards of living and supports private sector activity, particularly in the nontradables sector.

This diversification has opened importing opportunities with OEM products and distribution of these goods throughout the region.

Ecore International logo

Ecore™ transforms reclaimed waste into athletic, commercial, construction and industrial surfaces.

Gobana logo

Gobana is a commodities trading company specializing in coffee, cereals, oil seeds and livestock.

Federal Signal logo

Federal Signal provides emergency lighting, industrial equipment, outdoor warning sirens and other public safety solutions.

Hala Auto logo

Savana partnered with Hala Auto to conduct research into obtaining and negotiating the exclusive rights to an emergency vehicle lighting system.

H2O Pure Blue logo

Our partnership delivers water and energy savings consulting services and solutions to major hotel chains, FCMG and operators.

SMSA Express logo

SMSA Express® provides air and ground freight transportation services and logistics solutions in Saudi Arabia.