Freddy, the Art of Movement logo

Savana holds the exclusive rights for the Freddy brand in Saudi Arabia and launched the brand’s e-commerce channel. With plans for brick and mortar pop-up stores, Freddy will offer consumers a truly omni-channel shopping experience.

About Freddy S.P.A.

Freddy is synonymous with sport and passion for movement. Set up in 1976 by Carlo Freddy, it established itself as a leader in professional footwear for dance and gymnastics, evolving throughout the years into a complete apparel collection.

Much like a great sporting accomplishment, the Freddy story is made up of milestones and new challenges that have led Freddy to become a benchmark in both fitness and fashion. Freddy’s strength is expressed by its unique philosophy “The Art of Movement”.

“Freddy S.p.a. grants to you, the exclusive right to purchase the following products: apparel and footwear bearing the trademark FREDDY and WR.UP, for re-sale thereafter within the territory of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia…”

Freddy dance apparel store interior mannequins and merchandise

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