Food & Beverage

As sales in the food and beverage industry are expected to grow, Savana Trading Co. has become involved with several internationally recognized food and beverage brands. An increasing level of affluence, increased consumer awareness of international foods, more tourism and growing populations of expatriates living in the region are all factors which attribute to this growth.

Couple dining at a restaurant

Pita Pit is a healthy, quick service restaurant offering fresh ingredients grilled to perfection in fully customizable Pita wraps.

The Raw Chocolate Co. logo

The Raw Chocolate Co. is known for its certified Fairtrade chocolate that is made only using organic, sun-dried cacao.

Shop Savana logo

Shop Savana, a division of Savana Trading Company, is a provider of high quality health food brands for retailers and consumers.

Oh My Spice logo

Oh My Spice provides low-sodium, gluten-free and MSG-free culinary herbs for discerning chefs and home cooks.

Dr Zak's logo

Dr. Zak’s provides functional, high quality fitness foods offering balanced nutrition for active consumers.

Bite Fuel logo

Savana holds distribution rights to Bite Fuel®, a health food company providing functional foods that give back to the body.

Buff Bake logo

Savana holds distribution rights to Buff Bake, a producer of healthy, homestyle baked goods that are packed with protein.

FlapJacked logo

Savana Trading Co. holds the exclusive distribution rights for FlapJacked™ protein pancake mix, a healthy alternative to the traditional pancake.